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Ladder Strategies & Solutions

Environmental Justice

Everyone has the right to the same protections and benefits, as well as meaningful involvement in the policies that shape their communities.

A Resource for Sustainable Life

Ladder Strategy fight's for environmental and social justice. 
equal access to clean air, secure
housing, economic stability, and healthcare 4 all

Community Highlights

Ladder Strategies and Solutions Donated to the Telfair Mammography Fund. The organization provides no cost breast health services to those without insurance or are underinsured. The check, worth $6,000, went towards the cost of breast cancer screening. 

Ladder Strategies and Solutions 

Date: November 20, 2022

Welcome to a Community Helping You Climb the Rungs

Hi! Welcome to Ladder Strategies & Solutions, a non-profit organization created to support individuals and families impacted by economic inequality. We seek to promote human dignity and sustainable development.



  Ladder helps locate resources and advocates for better policies for families and individuals experiencing

economic disparities.

Environmental quality

 clean air, and secure housing, and adequate access to healthcare is justice.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion


Environmental justice is a social
movement addressing the unfair exposure of poor and marginalized communities to difficulties associated with resource extraction, hazardous waste, and other land uses. The impacts of climate change are largely determined by the population's vulnerability and resilience. Thus, they are more likely to be felt disproportionately by those who suffer from socioeconomic inequalities. In the United States, people of color are found to be more vulnerable to heatwaves, extreme weather events, environmental degradation, and subsequent labor market dislocations.

Our studies show multiple measures of socioeconomic status (SES) indepen­dently associated with health. Education, income, assets, and occupation have indepen­dent and compounding effects over the life course; and, race and SES affect health in overlapping and indepen­dent effects.

SES differences in health exist for almost all health measures, across all nations, and across time. Though people with higher incomes have health problems too, those at the bottom suffer disproportionately poor health.

SES in childhood also impacts adult health, regardless of adult SES. Socioeconomic status exposes one to psychosocial and mate­rial conditions that affect the life course, making SES an important determinant of health.


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